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The Hollister Market Outlook
B.R. Hollister has over 30 years of experience  analyzing the markets. He uses Fibonacci, Cycles, Elliott Wave Theory, Gann Theory, Seasonal Tendencies, Psychology, Hurst and Proprietary Indicators to try to discern market direction. While no one is perfect, his combined track record of accurate predictions tends to run in the area of 82%.


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The Fantastic Four

Oil as a natural resource, while still important, will eventually give way to other sources of energy such as solar, wave, wind and hydrothermal. Projections for peak oil by 2010 were unfounded.  New technologies have brought more oil to the market creating a glut.  Oil prices are also dollar sensitive as well as still sensitive to Middle East tension.

Our oil analysis looks at the relationship between the dollar, and world supply and demand.
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